Ready to Roll, Since 1927






Rapid Growth

Established 1927


Dunnigan is a 112 square mile area in Yolo County. It lays approximately 40 miles north of Sacramento. It has over 1,400 permanent residents and welcomes over 25,000 visitors per year.


The Dunnigan Fire Protection District is a combination fire department, with both paid and volunteer firefighters. We provide “All Hazards Response,” which includes (but is not limited to): fires of all types, emergency medical services, vehicle accidents, public assistance, emergency stand-byes, and hazardous materials response – first responder level.


The department is made up of 35 dedicated men and women firefighters that include a fire chief, assistant fire chief, three fire captains, six engineer/firefighter driver/operators, and over 20 highly trained firefighters.  Approximately 25 personnel are trained to the level of Emergency Medical Technician or higher, with some currently enrolled in paramedic school. We also have a fire department chaplain for crisis intervention and stress debriefing. We operate out of one station, Station 12. Out of that station, we provide 24 hour staffing with approximately three firefighters on duty at any given time, 365 days a year.




First Settlers


Our Mission

Our Values

The mission of the Dunnigan Fire Protection District is to provide protection of life, property, and the environment from the effects of fires, medical emergencies, and hazards through safe and effective service with compassionate solutions.  We always make an effort to engage the community in our mission through progressive community outreach.

The members of the Dunnigan Fire Protection District take pride in our commitment to professional service by maintaining our skills, knowledge and abilities. All members of the Department will conduct themselves in an ethical manner conforming to a moral standard of right versus wrong by treating each other and the people we serve humanely, decently, and honestly.

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